OR Summer 2011 - Wrap Up & Giveaway

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Things are finally starting to settle down a little since we returned from our trip this past week.

The final three nights of our stay were with a wonderful family we met right here on Outsideways. Thanks Jeremy and Amy for your wonderful hospitality, and the great hike on Sunday evening to Scout Falls in the Uinta National Forest!

To read more about the other places we visited and the people who hosted us, be sure to check-out Renee's posts on FIMBY here and here and my recent post on the first five days.

Elsewhere on the Web

When we were at OR we got to visit the Nemo booth (Nemo is a outdoors gear manufacturer based out of New Hampshire). They make really cool gear, some of which we have been testing as part of a (soon-to-be-published) series of family backpacking tent reviews for Backpacking Light. We got to meet Connie, share with her our tent experiences, and - because they are so receptive to user feedback - they will actually be making a small design change based on our feedback! Connie also wrote a post on the Nemo blog about meeting us. Thanks Connie.

Getting into OR wouldn't have been possible for us without the help from the wonderful folks at Backpacking Light. Thank you! Be sure to check-out the OR articles that will be publishing this week, one of which was written by us. Not a BPL member yet? Check-out how you can get a discount on a one-year subscription.

For the past week, Toe Salad has been featuring video interviews with all kinds minimalist footwear companies. I had a lot of fun doing those, it was really cool to finally meet a lot of people whom I had only ever communicated with via email. More videos will be release this week too!

While we were on our trip Brian Green published an interview with me on his blog. The topic? Minimalist footwear (of course!). Brian is a family man, a lightweight backpacker, and one of the contributors to the Ultralight Backpacking Bootcamp which is underway as we speak. Brian's blog is a great resource for backpackers.

While we were gone Heather at Unplugged Sunday wrote a post talking a bit about our trip. Stay tuned this week for Renee's next post over there, it is going to be a good one (or so she tells me).


Last week we launched a giveaway for a family-sized set of Light My Fire sporks. I am pleased to announce that the winner of the giveaway was Tom Hart. Thanks everyone who participated!

Just because you didn't win doesn't mean that you've lost your chance for a prize just yet. We have another giveaway for you! Little Life has donated a toddler-sized backpack for us to give to one lucky reader. This thing is small, and cute. 

The picture looks pinker than the pack actually is.
The color is more like a light purple than a pink.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is leave a comment. In your comment, state what you plan on putting in the backpack if you are the winner. You have until the end of next Saturday (August 20th) to leave your comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

See our other OR articles here:




Went to the LL website, looks like lots of fun stuff for the little ones.

This lil' pack would be great for 2 y/o Esther's windbreaker, sunglasses, and some "sanks" (translation: snacks).

I've been eyeing these little

I've been eyeing these little backpacks since seeing them on your blog recently. I plan on getting some next summer so our little ones can carry their canteens, handkerchiefs, snacks and the small animal figurines that like hiking with us.

count us in!

My 3 year old would love this! She would definitely be keeping her Ellie doll and Klean Kanteen in it...and maybe some paper and stickers. We have been trying to get out in the woods with her for little hikes as of late, and she absolutely loves it. I never expected her to be able to do the amount of hiking that she has, it's very fun!

Oh, our new 3 week old

Oh, our new 3 week old daughter could claim this as her own! Like our son's little backpack, I'm sure it would hold extra clothes, diapers for now, and eventually snacks & water!

Found you guys through

Found you guys through Unplugged Sunday and following the links around your websites. Love the content! My daughter is 3 and would LOVE this backpack to use on the little hikes we go on. We would put a light jacket, hat and some snacks in her backpack.

Hi Damien and Renee! I love

Hi Damien and Renee! I love reading your posts, both of you. Keeps me full of ideas as my boys are getting older :)
This little pack would go to Rain. I imagine he would choose to use it to bring to pre-k this year, loaded up with his water bottle and snacks, and some stray Legos. We had an awesome trip to Martha's Vineyard this summer, staying with friends and borrowing a tandem bike to help move the boys around. Rain insisted on carrying some of his own stuff in a bag on his back (a stuffed animal and some stray Legos). I hope to do more bike trips like that in the future :)
Glad to see that you 5 are doing well!

I'm a homeschooling mom and a

I'm a homeschooling mom and a lover of FIMBY's blog. I have two little girls who would adore this backpack. I can make a pretty good guess that it would have a stuffed animal, baby blanket, trail mix (mainly M&Ms), Star Wars figurines, a Polly Pocket or two, and a bug catching jar (plus various other random and unnecessary items that will end up in Mommy's backpack). Thanks for the opportunity!

Our own girls are a bit old

Our own girls are a bit old for this and have their own backpacking packs already.... however, our niece will be three years old come September... and lives on the other side of the globe! If granted the chance to win, I would gift this pack to her for adventures at 10,000ft+ with a magnifying lens, sketch book, and crayons to record whatever she finds that tickles her fancy in those mountains!

I would plan on putting a

I would plan on putting a jacket, a small water bottle and a snack for my toddler in the backpack for when we go on day hikes or walks. She might want to put an animal (not real! :) ) in it too. What a cute backpack!

backpack contents

Grandkids would use this when hiking with Grammy and Papa--so inside--a jacket, snack, maybe a lightweight book to read together.
Thanks for the opportunity and the great blogs--both here and fimby.