OR Summer 2011 - Open Air Demo

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We are finally here, safe and sound in Salt Lake City Utah, taking in the sights and sounds of the Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade show. This morning was the open air demo, a one-day portion of the show that happens outside in a state park, where attendees can try out out all kinds of gear. Bicycles, running shoes, kayaks, canoes, skateboards, and stand-up paddle boards were a few of the items on display.

Our first time in Utah, Salt Lake City is surrounded by mountains and really is
an outdoor paradise year-round.
The open air demo was held at Jordanelle State Park, approximately
45 minutes from Salt Lake City, not far from Park City where
the 2002 winter olympics were held.
GoPro was out in full-force showing off their video cameras in action
on skydivers jumping out of a helicopter.

Over the next several days, we will be reporting on several fronts. We will be keeping our eyes peeled for ultralight backpacking gear appropriate for family use. We will be scouring the tradeshow floor for the latest in minimalist footwear developments. We will also be on the lookout for other outdoors family/kids related gear that we think might be of interest our readers. If we find stuff worthy of reporting, you can be sure to find it on Backpacking Light, Toe Salad, and Outsideways.

Here are a couple of items from the open air demo that caught our eye:

A Swedish kayak company Point 65 N was demoing modular kayaks. The Martini
allows you to piece together a multi-seat kayak with anywhere from one
to ten (or more!) seats. While we think a ten seat kayak would be a little much,
the ability to make different permutations and combinations of boats by
simply buckling them together might be someting that appeals to families.
Going out solo? Make a one-seater.
Going out with the whole family? Make a bigger one!
A brand new company, Owl's Nest Games was demoing a game they call
"Live By Your Wits Hiking". A game that may appeal to people new to the outdoors,
it is designed to teach basic outdoor safety and awareness to kids (and adults) who may not
otherwise have any experience. Although we didn't get an opportunity to try it out
we thought it looked interesting enough to mention here.

That's all for now, the official trade show doesn't start until tomorrow. As we find more interesting tidbits we will be sure to let you know!




You never know what those brilliant Swedes are going to come up with next. Looks like you're having fun at OR - enjoy!!

Wow that kayak looks very

Wow that kayak looks very neat. Definately something that would be great for families. I'm not into kayaking myself because of my legs having issues with them but my husband and older daughter love to kayak. With one of those you could really have options!

I hope you find something good to report on in the bug spray department (available in Canada!) :)