OR Summer 2011 - A Giveaway For You!

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Coming to you live from the OR Press Room. Hoping to stay focused long enough to publish this before Happy Hour starts. Free beer. Lots of free beer. You'll understand if I cut this short (smile).

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day, and today has been much of the same. Busy in a good way though, as we are really enjoying ourselves here. Here are a few nuggets we thought might be of interest to some of you.

If you are interested in getting out and hiking or backpacking with little kids, Little Life
is a brand that may be worth looking into. They make backpacks for carrying kids
(one of the lightest weight models on the market) as well as tiny little backpacks for the kids
themselves to carry. The kids backpacks are incredibly cute, and incredibly tiny - get
them started young!

Just a heads up - we're going to be giving away one of these sweet packs in the coming days. So stay tuned.

There is like a bazillion energy bar companies here. All the usual big names and lots of little companies.
This is one of the brands we found yesterday whose mission and product we really like.
Olympia Granola is a Minnesota based, family run company.
We make most of the food for our treks but this might be a good option for families
who don't have the time or desire to do so. They have free shipping right now for a limited time.
Our family has used Light My Fire brand Sporks for years.
They are cheap and lightweight. When we bought ours originally there weren't many colors available.
I'm sure you can guess what color Brienne would choose now if given the chance (yes they come in pink).
We've had a couple break (they aren't indestructible) and at that point we upgraded to titanium
(Stronger, not cheaper). But we still own three plastic sporks and use them nearly every week.

Now it's your lucky day because we scored a set of five sporks to give to one lucky reader.

We want to share some of our good finds with you all and have you benefit somewhat from our trip to OR.

If you would like to win these sporks please leave a comment saying what your favorite family outdoor activity is. We'll randomly draw one winner next week on Friday, August 12th. Will mail to Canada or the United States.

We have another giveaway coming your way and also some product reviews/giveaways at FIMBY next week. Renee's cool "natural living" finds from OR.



Notice a theme here?

With kids it's, hands down, tide pools in our coastal California!

When it's just us bigger, more hairy kids, dry(or mostly dry) creek treks in the summer or fishing/swimming holes in the fall-spring.

Favorite Activity

There is a walking path in the woods across the street from our house, and - weather permitting - the 5 of us will go to the local bagel place on Sunday mornings for breakfast.

Our favorite

We love hiking and camping and still manage to get in some fairly decent hikes with our 2 boys under 6. It'll be so fun as they get older and can go farther. Another favorite is the beach, of course.

Family time

I met my future wife on an outdoor skating rink and 33 years later the skates are still kept clean and ready, next to the front door. Our two boys love the sport as well as year round camping. Back when he was in grade school, my oldest son made a coat-of arms for our family with the motto,"Let's go outside". That says it all.
Sounds like you have a great time at the show! Thanks for the report.


[...] publishing this from OR, where we have scored a couple things to giveaway on our blogs. Check out this post for a chance to win a family set (5) of sporks (you'll have to click over to see what I'm [...]


Those sporks look really cool! Much better than the ones we used to get from Taco Bell. LOL. We like to fish, play in creeks, canoe. We're stuck in the midwest so don't get to beaches much but are happy to play in whatever water we come across around here.

Hmmm... hard to narrow it

Hmmm... hard to narrow it down! We love to go camping and of course swimming is way up there. The kids would say bike riding, too. I like hiking in the (Ontario) provincial parks. We have a season pass so we can go hang out in them anytime. Snowshoeing, skating, and sliding in the winter (I know, sorry I brought it up). How about camping in a provincial park while biking and hiking and swimming all day long? I just want to add that I see your family as a huge inspiration to me, not only in terms of getting outside more but in living your dreams and the life you really want for you and your family. Thank you!

free food!

Berry picking and harvesting herbs! Last week I tasted black-capped raspberries for the first time and I watching the blackberries to see when they rippen!

Our favourite family activity

Our favourite family activity is canoeing, for now just day trips with the kids. We did two this summer so far and hope to do one more. We love it since there are less bugs and we get to see lots of neat wildlife (the best yet was a fawn only a few feet away on the riverbank!)