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In case you were worried that all I had to show from my trip to Wyoming was this post on reentry, well there is more. I took my GoPro video camera along with me and attempted to capture some of the beauty and action that made this such an amazing trek.

Being as this is only my second attempt (first attempt here) at creating a video for the blog, I still have a lot to learn about the process of filming and production. Overal, I am happy with how it turned out, but I also have a strong desire to improve my film skills going forward. If any of you have any pointers/suggestions, I am all ears - please leave a comment.





Traverse video

That was so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing it with us. Amazing beauty. What an adventure. Made me anxious to get back out into the wilderness with family and friends.


Damien, great video work. Wish I could have joined that trip. Fantastic views. Not enough superlatives to describe the country.

Most Definitely


A fine example of backpacking videography. Particularly great were the bits around the eight minute mark where The Grand finally comes into view. Stellar!

- Sam


I grew up in the San Jan Mtns and now you've got me itching to go back to the real mountains and do some serious hiking (as opposed to the Ozarks we currently do). Such stunning scenery and what a tremendous experience to do that expedition!! I'm so curious about all the details and do hope you will share some thoughts on gear and the mechanics of how it worked to do such a trip. Thank you for sharing!

That was just beautiful. I'm

That was just beautiful. I'm stopping by from FIMBY and just left Renee a comment on getting info on camping and backpacking. My family and I are heading to Wyoming in the Summer. I can see I will be able to get some great info from your blog. Again your video was breath taking!


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I am absolutely jealous of you because I love and miss the northern rockies. Nice video, but you forgot to give attribution to the group Filter for the last song on the video. Being a man of a certain age, I am also starting to find that my memory is not what it used to be, so I try to help others when mine does function properly.


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