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It wasn't very long ago that I was lamenting the fact that there weren't any serious outdoor companies showing families in their marketing materials. About a month later I got a catalog in the mail from Mountain Gear with this on the cover (please excuse the poor image quality):

It's a family! Outdoors! Together! At night! In the winter! Wow... think about it... that is pretty extreme when it comes to families. I mean, how many families do you know would go camping in the winter? (I am assuming they are camping, they have a sleeping bag...) This is inspirational. We need to see more of this so that families know it is possible. Good job Mountain Gear, keep-it-up, I now have a new respect for you!

On another note... I am still waiting for photos from our night under the stars last week. The guy who took them was a student and he is gone for Thanksgiving. As soon as I have them I will post a follow-up.



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That is a wonderful photo on the cover. Excellent. So important to get kids out camping. One of the big losses this summer from being bed-ridden with a herniated disc was not being able to go on any of the planned camping trips. Just going to have to do a snow trip like in the photo! Thanks for sharing.

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What a great picture! I'm so glad you pointed this out. Too often people look at us, surprised by the activities and places we take our daughter. Thankfully those people are getting fewer, though whether it's because more people are catching on or because we're meeting more like-minded people I'm not sure. :)
As a side note, the Mountain Gear store is about 15 minutes from our house.