Pin Rouge in Autumn

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Our car has been a little persnickety lately, it doesn't always want to start after a rain. My suspicion is that it is the spark plug wires, so I have it on my list to pick some up this week.

This past weekend we had grand plans to hike in the Chic-Chocs, but fate conspired against us and brought a hearty rain the night before making the car particularly upset and thus the prospect of driving anywhere a no-go. So we changed plans and decided to do a little exploring around Pin Rouge (or Red Pine in English), the ski area where we live. We started out on the cross-country trails and then struck-off in our own direction to do a little off-trail hiking to see what interesting things we could find.

We totally scored by finding a beautiful creek bed to hike up. The bushwhacking was fun too, until we got to a logged area with so much debris and the brush so thick that the kids could barely fit through. Thankfully it was just a short section and we persevered long enough to make it through - everyone managed to keep all their eyes in working condition, the only casualty was a pair of ripped tights.

We feel so blessed to have this just outside our back door.

Pin Rouge - Cross-country ski trailPin Rouge - TreesPin Rouge - Cross-country ski cabinPin Rouge - Creek bedPin Rouge - Mossy rocksPin Rouge - BushwackingPin Rouge - From the peakPin Rouge - Descending la FamilialePin Rouge - Ski village




My favorites are the one

My favorites are the one where you shot up at the person hiking over the mossy rocks, and then the action shot of the ferns...good stuff.

Drooling over everyone's fall photos right in Texas we're getting some yellows but nothing else interesting....and certainly the cool weather has not *really* arrived, though it teases us in the mornings.

Bushwhacking = good stuff.

What a lovely "back yard"...

What a lovely "back yard"... We recently discovered ours on our weekly hike that was definitely inspired by you. A little bushwhacking made the day extra exciting and definitely memorable. Thanks for the inspiration. Our little family and our mental well being benefit greatly from a little time outside. Now if only I could discover how to please a newly walking toddler on longer hikes...

We have a barely 1 year old

We have a barely 1 year old and an almost 3 year old and have been having a great time hiking with them. I have found that the Ergo carrier works much better than the toddler backpacks because it holds them against you which means that they don't throw off your center of balance as much. It can be warm in summer, but we just drive higher up the mountains in summer and try to hike earlier. It is SO much easier to walk over rough terrain when the wiggly toddler is closer to your body. My husband and I each carry a child and carry our gear in lumbar packs worn below the carriers. When the kids want to walk they can, but they can ride easily and comfortably too. We had been doing weekly hikes, but those have been on a bit of a hiatus lately because my husband hurt his leg. I'm hoping we will be able to get out again soon though as the weather is getting more beautiful by the week here.

Thanks for this blog, it is what inspired us to actually get off our duff and get back to the regular hiking schedule that we love.