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We did it! Stage one of our move is complete. Right now we are staying with Renee's parents in Nova Scotia. The plan is to remain here for a few months until we get Life 3.0 off the ground (i.e. have a reliable income) and then embark on stage two by moving to the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec.

Let me tell you that this has been a LOT of work! More than we ever imagined. Not only that, but we still have too much stuff. We thought we were doing good (and we probably are), but we now feel challenged to step up our game even more and reduce our load. Want to see what it took to get that load from the USA to Canada? Check out our video...



Pretty Cool!

Thanks for taking us along for the ride! So glad you guys are safe and sound (Pixel too!) Best for you in the coming months!

Welcome back

Yes a cool video indeed.
We missed each other by a year....and a bit LOL I was in Liverpool NS for 5 years and moved back to Ontario last year.
Your doing well if all your stuff went into that trailer and your vehicles.
I had a trailer that big for just little ole me but it did have riding mower in it.
Does it feel good to be back?


[...] video of our actual drive from Maine to Nova Scotia. This weekend Damien put those together in a short video with our family's moving anthem - American Dream by Switchfoot as background [...]

The "And we're off" scene

The "And we're off" scene gave me the goose bumps! It must have been so hard thinking you'll never be in that house again, but at the same time a relief to finally be moving on after all the planning. You did it! Congratulations :0)

Only 'know' your family

Only 'know' your family through the blog, but got all emotional watching this. Seeing people reach for their dreams and making it happen even when it takes effort it totally inspiring. Thank you for sharing. May God's blessings be many!

"I want to live and die for

"I want to live and die for bigger things"! What a pronouncement! What a great song! Enjoyed watching the video. Miss you guys, but am so amazed by what you are doing. Blessings to you on this new journey!


[...] lyrics are anthems for living. It was their song American Dream that we latched onto as we moved this spring, giving words to our heart's desire in this next stage of family [...]