Hog's Back with the Inuit

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This past weekend we went hiking with new friends - Ruben Komangapik and his family - up Hog's Back mountain (which we also like to visit in the winter). Ruben is a world renowned Inuit sculptor/artist, and all-around fascinating guy. You can see examples of his work online via Google image search and also read about him in this Montreal Review article.

The Gaspé Peninsula continues to surprise us with the gems we unearth in our backyard. The beauty of the mountains and the bay are the obvious finds. But the people living in our community, or a few hours from our community, are just as fun to discover and explore, if not more so.

Hog's Back - Near the summitHog's Back - Views from the summitHog's Back - Views from the summitHog's Back - Kids hiking downHog's Back - Kids hangout
Baie-des-Chaleurs - Sunset
Sunset on the Baie des Chaleurs, the view from our town