Hiking at Mont Saint-Joseph, Carleton-sur-Mer

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This past weekend we went hiking on the trails around Mont Saint-Joseph at Carleton-sur-Mer. While the weather forecast suggested we should expect rain and thunderstorms, the clouds broke by afternoon leaving nothing but blue sky. My youngest was mildy disappointed that the storm didn't happen, she was looking forward to the excitement of a little lightning.

What follows are a few photos of the kids from the day. We really do need to start taking more photos of the adults too :-)

Carleton-sur-Mer on the trailCarleton-sur-Mer robin egg shellCarleton-sur-mer creek hoppingCarleton-sur-Mer wet hatCarleton-sur-Mer brood




Those three are some buff

Those three are some buff-looking kids - they're my grands!!! Very interesting - all different - facial expressions. Yeah - some adult pics would be good to see too. Love "the new" adventure blog-turned sideways :))