Forillon National Park

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Two weeks ago Renee's parents came to visit us and we did a short car camping trip to Forillon National Park. Forillon National Park is a park that sits on the very eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula, and is about a four hour drive from where we live. We had heard good things about this area, so we thought we do the tourist thing and check-it-out.

This post is light on words, we will let the photos do the talking - augmented by the odd caption.

Fortillon National Park - Car packed and ready to go
Thanks to the principles of ultralight backpacking, I pride myself on the fact that we can fit car camping gear for five in the back of our small Rav 4.
Fortillon National Park - Cooking breakfast
Fortillon National Park - Beach at Petit Gaspe
The beach at Petit Gaspe
Fortillon National Park - Cliffs overlooking Cap Bon AmiFortillon National Park - CloudsFortillon National Park - View from the peak of Mont Alban
Fortillon National Park - Cap Bon Ami
Overlooking Cap Bon Ami
Fortillon National Park - Supper clean-up