Cross-Country Race at Matapedia

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Our final cross-country race was two weekends ago in Matapedia. The first thing we realized when we got there was that we forgot the camera. A few minutes later Renee reminded us that practically every electronic device we own now has a camera and so this time the smartphone was going to have to do. Hence the way over-processed photos in an effort to make them look half-decent.

The course was the toughest yet, taking us up and over a small ski hill (twice for the longest race). As usual, Brienne had a pre-race sore tummy, and as is becoming a habit for her, she came home with another gold medal - I think she puts way too much pressure on herself. For the first time in Tougas race history, all three kids actually won medals - we went home with two golds and a bronze, and an invitation by a spectator to join a local swim team.

The parents on the other hand, didn't win any medals, but had a fun time none-the-less. After having done five of these things, we have gotten to know lots of people and gotten better connected in our community - which was the original point in the first place.

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