Life on The Edge

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It has now been just over two weeks and I have managed to keep my head firmly on its shoulders where it belongs and even free from stitches too! No, I haven't taken up sword-fighting, or debating US politics... I have started shaving with a straight razor.

Thiers-Issard Straight Razor and Strop

This has been the next step for me in my gradual move away from the disposable world we live in. The neat side affect of this process is that every time I make a change like this, I find my life gets a little richer. Things slow down and become more deliberate, I learn to enjoy and appreciate the process rather than just the end result. Now, rather than opening a package and taking out a plastic razor, I pull out a natural stone and sharpen the edge, then strop it. I actually get to experience the satisfaction of shaving with a blade that I sharpened myself (which is actually quite satisfying!), and know that if I treat it well I won't have to ever purchase another razor again. I can keep a little more plastic out of the landfills and perhaps make the future a little cleaner for my kids.




Way to go Damien.
What a feat! Sounds scary to me but, I can just picture you enjoying that smooth blade across your face. Way to take another one for the environment!