Fairy BASE Jumping

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Our ever-inventive children, inspired by the Banff Mountain Film Festival, have just developed a new sport: Fairy BASE jumping. This is the trailer for film that got the creative juices flowing:

When it comes to fairys, this is apparently how it works:

  • Said Fairy jumps off of a very high flower, free-falling until just about hitting the ground, and then deploys her wings at the last minute.
  • On occasions when a suffuciently high flower cannot be found, fairys are permitted to simply fly to the desired height and tuck-in their wings to initiate the free-fall.

Mom says: "As long as Base Jumping stays in the realm of fairies, it's allowed."




What an adrenaline rush! I recognize one guy from a film we saw last year, 20 seconds of Joy. That was the heart wrenching story that had me in tears the year before. This go round we saw:

The Last Nomads
If you're not falling
Psyche: Patagonian Winter

There were a lot more than that, but these are the ones I readily remember. I would have liked to see both nights, but it is just too much for me!