Finding High-Quality Children's Outdoor Gear

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Kids' Gear

I love your blog. I believe I had run across it before from a post on Backpacking Light, but didn't realize all the family-camping content. I have two kids- 6 & 8. We don't get out all that often and I've been frustrated buying them good gear and then finding it is outgrown before they've used it very much.

For cold weather "snow" gear my wife has done quite well buying Hanna Anderson insulated coats and overalls on sale (out of season). Then when the kids have outgrown the smallest size she waits 'till fall and sells them on Ebay- often for more than she paid.

Right now I'm in the middle of shrinking a wind/rain jacket for my 6 year old. I got it on closeout at REI for $7 and cut 6" off each sleeve. It seems to fit okay otherwise and I think the oversized body will help to keep the air circulating and not be too sweaty.


Jim, Thanks for joining in

Jim, Thanks for joining in the discussion here. I haven't heard of Hanna Anderson before, we'll have to check it out.

Buying gear out of season works very well for us also. We anticipate what we'll need for next season and look for it during off season sales. This really helps with the kid clothing costs.

Thanks for sharing your tips.